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Friday, May 8, 2015

Equipping Churches in Indonesia

In Indonesia, sex trafficking is prevalent near mining operations and labor trafficking exists in rural agriculture and fishing. Each of the country's 34 provinces is a source and destination of trafficking (TIP Report, 2014). Unfortunately, Christian churches in Indonesia also find themselves oppressed; they are often confronted violently by radical Islamic groups (Open Doors, 2015). This is why FAAST thinks it is important that churches in Indonesia are equipped to fight against the injustices in their country in the midst of the persecution they face. 


A Story About Nadya*
Nadya is a woman working as a prostitute in an Indonesian night club to support her three children. Like many other women, Nadya was trafficked into prostitution as a young child and has always desired to leave, but she has never had the opportunity to do so. Now she has been given this opportunityChristian businesswomen in Indonesia will be using our Hands that Heal Curriculum recently translated into Bahasa to teach finance workshops to Nadya and many other women working in the night clubs. Nadya is so excited to use the information gained from these workshops to start a business of her own and leave the life of prostitution! 

Thanks to the Hands that Heal Curriculum, and more importantly fearless church members in Indonesia, Nadya and many other women will be empowered and restored.

*Details have been adapted for the purposes of this blog. 

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